Monday, June 1, 2015

The Philosophy of Garments

Does wearing certain garments affect your mood?  They do for me.  I first noticed the phenomena when casual Fridays were introduced to corporate America - I believe in the early 90s.  Very little work got done, most everyone was in a silly mood or at least a lighter one.  Someone brought in donuts so the sugar high was ubiquitous and then the next you know we are all off for long lunches, sometimes with alcohol involved.
I believe it was shortly after that I stopped doing really casual Friday, and stopped wearing trousers.  Not that I wore a lot of trousers anyway, I have always preferred dresses and skirts.  I held on to a pair of jeans for garden work.  Wearing what I call feminine dresses made me feel more feminine and I began to get a bit more girly.  It was also around the same time I had my road to damascus moment and came out of the closet as a conservative.
For the last few days I have been thinking about this post:  Feminism is an inferiority complex over at The Thinking Housewife.  Read the link in her article as well for the full letter.  Also do not overlook that he said this letter was not for public consumption.

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