Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oh No!

Oh my, it has been a month since I have posted anything. 
Well my back is improving.  I had to get the cortisone shots into my spine - isn't that fun - for my lumbar radiculopathy.  I love saying that word! 
Now I have begun the exercises for the arthritis in my spine.  I am walking normally and other than some stiffness in the morning (no jokes please Gents) I am also pain free.  For the first time in years.  Yippee Kai Yae. 
I am now able to concentrate on other matters for my life.  Like enriching it and me. 


John The River said...

That's the spirit!

Enjoy the Fall.

missred said...

Oh my favourite season, John. The colours, the smell, the coolness of the air. When I was younger a teacher tried to tell me it was a season dying. I could never see it that way. More like a season cuddling up for the winter....