Saturday, February 6, 2010

another global warming update

i could not open the front door (the storm door swings out) so i decided to go out the back door, dig the snow UP the stairs, press through bum-high drifts around two other townhouses to get to the front of my house. Once there, i dug UP more stairs to free my front door.
late last night (and i mean late!) i watched people clearing their stairs, walks and cars. i thought i would wait until morning. as i was pushing my way through the cold stuff this morning, i pondered the wisdom of my decision. when i reached the front of the row of houses, i noticed that their efforts were pretty much hidden underneath as much snow as i have. i do believe the weatherman (and yes he was a man) said that we will be getting 1" an hour. he was right. and we have the wind to create drifts.
tis really rather lovely to see, but i am afraid the laurel tree in the back yard will not survive this blizzard

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