Tuesday, February 9, 2010

travels of my daughter, melbourne australia

my daughter is currently dillydallying (her word) in melbourne. she said there are too many brits! and it reminds her of hawaii and california - very americanised with a target store! she also reminded me of a dream she had in october about meeting friends at an amusement park. what actually happened the other day she got on a train to go meet them at a beach and there was an amusement park when she got off the train. her affirmation she is where she should be!

she travelled down the great victoria road to see the 12 apostles (nee the sow and piglets) - absolutely spectacular

next on her agenda is sydney, byron bay, surfers paradise, noosa, frasier lsland, whitsunday islands, airlie beach, port douglas, cairns

correction: its the great ocean road, IN victoria... my bad (thanks cj)


Carpe Jugulum said...

I'm glad she liked Melbourne, but i've never heard it described as like Hawaii or Cali, usually it's more a Euro feel with all the cafe's & restaurants.

If she ever gets the chance she should head to the north coast & see Phillip Island, Kilcunda, Gippsland or the high country.

Glad she liked my home town.

PS - It's the Great Ocean Road to the Apostles (south coast)


missred said...

she is certainly glad she is making the trip. she will be staying with other friends just outside of city center and then off to a beach house somewhere....

missred's daughter said...

the countryside outside of Melbourne reminded me of Hawaii for the red soil and driving on the coast reminded me of California. yes, Melbourne has European vibes with the cafes, especially degraves st.