Friday, February 26, 2010

the 'bamacare burlesque

i only watched bits and snippets from what has been posted on the net. obama is an arrogant bully and paul ryan (and the other republicans) displayed a politeness i could never have done - but then i am a hotheaded redhead.
i believe what is needed is health care insurance reform, not reform of our health care. we have the best in the world. IF we must have insurance (oh to be rich enough to be able to pay cash instead) then i think it should not be employer based. giving discounts to employers is a sham. if the insurance companies were allowed to compete across state lines, then the competition would drive premium prices and discounts. of course that would probably mean takeovers etc, dwindling the competition and raising prices. perhaps health insurance should be mandatory not-for- profit organisations. it would also eliminate the portability and pre-existing condition problems currently hobbling all of us. utilisation review should be done by nurses and doctors, not corporation management only looking at a bottom line. the only reason i could see a federal role in the health care insurance business would be to protect patients from nonsensical arbitrary decisions, ie, giving birth should be treated as an outpatient procedure. doctors and patients who commit fraud should be prosecuted severely.
then there is tort reform. the cost of malpractice is out of control. why should people (the jury of our peers) be the ones to decide how much a wrong is worth - or even if a wrong was done. what does the average person on the street know about anatomy and the workings of the human body? there should be no lawyers involved in health care decisions. i am sure that a governing body of physicians and lay people who understand the fundamentals of health could solve any grievances (ok, so i am miss pollyanna).

these thoughts are off my chest.


Anonymous said...

Well, all I can type is...Nice painting.

OH and thank you surgeons for Jack Murtha's intestinal nick. Howz about 'surgeoning' Reid, Leahy....And a must DO, Pelosi.

missred said...

bad, jp, bad..