Saturday, March 12, 2011

there and back again

i went to visit my parents last week.
first let me say there are many stupid drivers out there. i am one of those drivers that usually go the speed limit or 5 miles over. so i ask, oh why, when there is no one behind me for miles does a car insist on coming into my lane and make me slow down. and stay that way so that i cannot pass them. it happened several times on the way to williamsburg. idiots. selfish idiots.
we had a lovely time visiting the old plantations on the james river. and i ask this question too - why did the colonists paint all that beautiful woodwork? the gardens are always lovely and a treat. in one house there was a fantastic staircase that went up to the third floor with no visible support. the guide explained how it was done, but too technical for me to retain. it was just lovely and the woodwork on the bottom bits of the stairs, along with the railings, was just exquisite. (have i used enough adjectives here yet?)
i had fun fixing dinner for my parents and their neighbours. the dinner conversation was fun. it is great to talk to the oldies ;)
it was a nice break. stopped at cafe delux in tysons corner for a great lunch on the way home.
i came home for a doctor appointment. i have arthritis in my hip. great.


kae said...

Truly, Miss, getting old is a crock of it.

And we're not old yet!

Nashville Beat said...

Hips can be replaced. You, on the other hand, cannot.

missred said...

no we are not old kae! not by half ;)
and nb - that is the nicest thing anyone has said to me for ages, thanks ;)