Friday, March 4, 2011

what i have known for years

why is this such a big deal - men and women respond differently to problems. women like to talk about them and hypothetically solve the world's problems, men just go about solving the problems.
i grew up in a family with 6 children. i am in the middle by default of a twin birth. the sister closest to me was 3 years older, my brothers are 18 months younger (they are the twins). by default i was thrown in with my brothers (and being my father's favourite). i competed with them in swimming and boxing, while my older sisters were preening. i was lucky to see the mets play on casey stengel's birthday 1964 i think it was. they were such the underdog back then ;)
and i think i may have said this before here, but when women's lib came around i declared that i was already equal with any man and didnt need to burn a bra to prove it. that didnt go over well. haha little did i care
men and women think differently
glen and helen should definitely know this and why is it such a big deal


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