Thursday, March 29, 2012

and now we have the race war

i dont understand. growing up in the 60's we all were encouraged to judge each other by our character.
but not this president... every thing is about race. strange coming from a man who was, although begetted by a kenyan, raised by a white family. he had the wonderful opportunity to live in a foreign country. so did i. but what happened to me was that i developed a very strong love for the country i was born in, as were my parents, grandparents, and so on. i defended america for all her faults during the vietnam era.
but this man who is president has no such allegiance, not to the white family who raised him, not to the country who gave him the ultimate praise - to be president of the best country in the world. he is also a man who gamed his allegiance to his adopted race. black. and made up some story about what his grandmother supposedly felt about seeing a black man on the street. (a man with no witnesses can say what he wants)
he has no allegiance to the country that gave him his opportunity, or the way he was brought up, and that is the way he decided to live his life. he has decided that sensationalism is what will get him reelected.
in my book he is traitor to his country. as is every reporter and editor who is allowing these heinous lies to be printed.
i have been saying that this election will be very dirty and if the "won" is not reelected i truly believe it will be nasty out there.

I have been writing this over the last week and have decided to go ahead and publish without updates. I lay the entire fiasco at the feet of our inept leader. The saturation of this story is doing my head in. My apologies to Duff who hates it when I do the ee cummings thing. At least my punctuation is correct!


David Duff said...

Damn! I read all the way to the end with a suitably strict admonition already forming in my mind which would have ended with a penalty of 100x lines to be written before tea - and then you scuppered me!

Oh well, I might have forgiven you anyway because of the spirit of your words. Well done!

Minicapt said...

Driving quite fast and then turning right does not make for a race. And if one's altitude gains and losses are all on the turn bankings, it's not a race. The Nurburgring, that's a race!


missred said...

ha! Sorry David.
Minicapt, I thought NASCAR turned left?