Sunday, March 11, 2012

What I read

What I read list has been updated - new links mostly.
I have stumbled across an incredible site Orthosphere. Please go visit.
I am currently reading this
it is a long article! and I really do not like reading for a length of time on the computer. I am taking many breaks!
UPDATE: I have finished the article and am left speechless - well I did say wow when I finished it. I have a feeling I will be reading this again. There are too many points to highlight, so I will kick start your reading.
I. That “change,” alternatively “progress,” of the activist variety, as advocated by radicals, actually means destruction and that the identity of the two locutions goes largely unnoticed are two facts that together adequately characterize the delusional state of contemporary North American politics. The term “liberal,” like the term “change,” lends itself rather more to mendacious abuse than to just employment, especially when adopted as a label by the Left, which likes to hide its havoc-making program of transforming the un-transformable beneath the “L-word’s” ointment-like palliation. That the bland term “liberal” had long since devolved into something meaningless or misleading struck Voegelin already in the 1960s as a hindrance to transparent discourse. A philosopher particularly of history, Voegelin naturally addressed the term in respect of its specific temporal origin and its subsequent varying usage in modern political oratory. Voegelin remarks right away, in “Liberalism and its History,” that as distinct items of discourse both “liberal” and “Liberalism” emerged quite recently and contingently in a locus little suspected by their current users.

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