Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Next 8 Months Are Going to Be Filled

with this
drivel, pandering, manure (please insert a better word)
The one has insulted our greatest ally and is now in full campaign mode. If I were Cameron, I would have declined, graciously, of course.


David Duff said...

But on the other hand, if you take to Mr. Cameron, or, 'Dim Dave' as I prefer to think of him, as well you might because he's frightfully charming being an Old Etonian and all that sort of thing, then perhaps you'd like to keep him. No, no, please, I assure you, he's all yours, no fee and you can keep him as long as you like!

missred said...

I am neutral on Cameron. He has done nothing to evoke any emotion or thinking on my part. Pity that I suppose.