Friday, April 4, 2014

Crime Wave

Paco's excellent and thought provoking post:

What Happened to a Government of Laws
And how long can a society stand when its own “elite” refuses to abide by the law? When the highest government officials commit lawless acts with impunity, does this not tend to wear down the ingrained lawfulness of the average citizen, in ways great and small? Leftists frequently like to characterize conservatives as extreme libertarians who cherish a return to some romanticized version of the old west, where men carried their freedom in their holsters. Wouldn't it be ironic if we do, indeed, wind up with a society along those lines because the High Sheriff decided that his tin star invested him with the divine right of kings?


David Duff said...

Truly, I had not read your quotation before I wrote my post this morning. The heading sums it up: "In which I both fear, and fear for, America".

If the stench of corruption is even reaching over the Atlantic, all is definitely not well!

missred said...

We are still kindred spirits as countries go, I think dear Duffers

Paco said...

A belated thanks for the link!