Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Need Advice

I need some input if you don't mind.  
My house was built 87-88 and the only appliance I have replaced so far is the fridge.
When the plumber was in replacing my kitchen faucet this morning, he mentioned that in mid April the price of water heaters is going to probably double because the government is changing some regulations.  I looked it up and he is right.  
Currently it would cost around $1000 to replace my water heater - including installation, and would - from what I have been reading - double in price after the government changes come into force.
There is nothing wrong with my current water heater.  It heats water just fine, and after an unusual high usage takes under an hour to heat up again.  
Should I go ahead and replace it now, or just save more money and when it needs replacing then so be it.  From everything else I am reading, the cost savings per year to have this new govt regulated supposedly more efficient contraption is negligible.  And all I can see, from my brief research, is that more insulation to the heaters will be added.
I don't believe in replacing something until it well and truly dead, so am a bit a loose ends.  Will I save money now, or just waste it on something that may last me a bit longer?
I guess I can say that the reason I hesitate is because I have listened to advice before that turned out to be not so good and still regret the decision.
Thank you for your input.


John The River said...

You are fortunate in that your house was built and it's appliances installed before things (Thanks Democrats!) truly began turning to shit.
Every change made (mandated by the EPA in most cases) by the government have resulted in worse performance, and far worse reliability. If you have a water boiler for heat then the best option I could suggest is to install a "Supertank". This is a heavily insulated hot water tank that uses heated water from the boiler to heat the hot water for the house (showers & sinks etc.). Even as a secondary storage system for a "tankless" water heater it beats the best single point system.

Please don't let anyone sucker you into a solar or other green energy system. 5X the upfront cost and twice the ongoing maintenance costs its a suckers bet.

Good luck.

David Duff said...

By and large, taken in the round, on this hand but there again on the other hand, weighing it all up and considering the pros and cons with judicial care I would suggest that any advice from a government on almost anything should be returned with an instruction for them to insert it where the sun don't shine!