Tuesday, April 7, 2015

She Should Be Shamed And Never Published Again

But of course, that has not happened yet.  She is still being protected by Rolling Stone for writing her piece of fiction.  I hope the UVA fraternity goes after every one involved - EVERYONE!  Did I say that loud enough.  For every penny every one of them has.

Such harsh treatment for one fictional story?  Well uh no.  She wrote more.  I found this links in the comment section of Duff and Nonsense
Before Rolling Stone
More Shoddy Journalism

If she wants to write fiction, then dammit, get a publisher and write a book.  But then that would require discipline and most likely research.  At least two things she really doesn't do well.


John The River said...

Amen, but as you know the left protects their own.

Learned nothing from Duke apparently.

First Robin of the Spring! He was wearing snowshoes ;-}

missred said...

Yes they do John.
Love the visual of the robin in snowshoes!