Thursday, April 9, 2015

Water heater update

She developed a slow leak this morning.  I swear she heard all the chatter about having her replaced and is heartbroken-shedding tears.
I left work early because I did not trust my daughter to tell me the truth about the damage. The plumber was conveniently across the street and came by to assess the damage.  They are currently installing a new one!
Let us hope the other appliances don't feel slighted and throw their dummies out of the pram!
Timing is everything.  I had my taxes done earlier this week and am getting a refund.  No deep pockets for this off budget expense.


John The River said...

Did you get a "standard" electric or gas water heater with a heating element on the bottom and glass lined tank above? If so, you can prolong it's life by using the flush valve every six months to remove sediments on the bottom of the tank.

missred said...

I got the standard electric. Before the government ruins them with pointless regulations.

Levi Eslinger said...

It could really bring a hard time when an appliance at home suddenly gets broken. Aside from the disorder it brings to your household’s function, you need to allot money for it even though it's not part of the budget. Well, just look on the brighter side. At least you now have a new water heater, and that one won’t surely break any time soon. Thanks for sharing! Take care!

Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing

Carmelo said...

Water heating can be such a difficult topic to address as there are so many different routes to take to get to the end product which is hot water. I told my wife this but she thinks its simple and straight forward, but I will forward her this blog and let her make up her own mind, thank you again.

Carmelo @ PRO Hot Water Service