Tuesday, June 23, 2015


No, I am not missing in action, nor have I been on a fabulous holiday.
I have not been well - I have sciatica and have been knocked down with the pain for the past few weeks.  So I am on medication. HaHaHa.  And I can't take the prescribed pain killers and work.  Well I could, but it is not wise.  And I spent too many days as a single mother on my knees asking our Lord for wisdom to throw that away.   So all my meds are taken when I get home.  At least I am sleeping.
I send myself notes about things to post here but am too tired to do so when I get home.  All of those random thoughts just put to waste.  Tis but a shame.
Another month of this before my doctor gives me the exercises.  I could start them sooner but he went on holiday.  Lucky for some, eh?

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John The River said...

See if they will set you up with back injections, took four to help me and it's not a cure but it makes it more manageable.

Get well