Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Today's Random Thoughts

As I read the news today:
·         The confederate flag is not my heritage so I am not bothered, however I do believe we set a dangerous precedent.  And now they are talking about taking down all the confederate monuments.  They will be erasing our history and that is never good.  I think of it as taking down all the William Wallace monuments in Scotland.
·         I do not care about who is winning in the polls today.  My state primary is in April 2016.  I will care then
·         Robert Stacy McCain wrote this: in the comments of his post Confederate Thoughts
An alternative theory: We truly are doomed beyond hope of all redemption.
The Almighty God saw fit that a Christian people should have this nation and, so long as they were faithful to God, they were preserved against all enemies. The nation they founded grew strong, prosperous and free, so that all the world marveled at America. It was foreordained by God's will, in this view, that America would endure great trouble and yet grow ever stronger.
First, we defeated Britain, overcoming the greatest empire in the world to gain our independence. We conquered the continent from coast to coast, and fought a great war amongst ourselves over the issue of human liberty. Ever stronger America grew, becoming a mighty industrial colossus. We destroyed Spain's empire in this hemisphere, and when the French and English were besieged by the Kaiser's vaunting armies, America lent its strength to defeat the power of Germany and her allies.
American emerged from the First World War victorious, her world prestige unparalleled. Surviving through a Great Depression, once against America was called to war against enemies of liberty. We crushed Hitler's Thousand Year Reich, and blasted the Japanese empire into smoldering ruins. Yet still was our nation's great mission not fulfilled.
The world now stood terrorized by the Soviet tyranny, and Communism soon raised its banner over China. A war ensued in Korea, and a great patriot from Wisconsin stood forth to warn that our nation's leadership had been subverted by agents of our worst enemies. Joe McCarthy was destroyed by the slanders of Communist stooges, yet other patriots who saw the menace of subversion realized that a new movement was needed if America was to prevail in the Cold War.
Bill Buckley, Stan Evans, Phyllis Schlafly -- to cite just three names from a roster of glorious heroes -- rallied the forces of freedom, and chose as their champion Barry Goldwater. He also went down to defeat, but not before America heard from a man destined to be the Great Champion of Freedom.
This was "A Time of Choosing," Ronald Reagan warned in 1964. It took another 16 years to elect Ronald Reagan president, but from the day he took the oath of office as Commander in Chief, the clock began ticking toward the final destruction of the Soviet Union.
Here we are then, scarcely a quarter-century after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and we find Americans seem to have forgotten everything they ought to have learned from history.
Most shockingly, America has forgotten God, who delivered us from every evil in the past, and who blessed our nation with wealth and power exceeding everything the world had previously known.
So ... we are doomed. It has suited God to bring our nation thus far, so that an ungrateful generation might forget all that God has done for us, and thus to invite the wrath of the Almighty to destroy us. If that be God's sovereign will, so be it. Yet those of us who still have faith in God must never cease to speak the truth, nor surrender to the satanic voices that bid us to aid in the works of evil now afoot.
Fight on. Stay true. And pray. Selah
·         Duff and Nonsense has a good post with comments:


John The River said...

French Premier George Clemenceau expressed the belief that if a person was not a liberal in his twenties he had no heart and if he was still a liberal in his forties he had no brain. Seeing that the "Woodstock" generation are quickly entering Social
Security and still squawking the same slogans...brain dead!

Hope your back is feeling better.

Happy Fourth!

missred said...

George was right. and I see many of my friends still hanging on to what they think is their youth. It is a shame really, and I pity their ignorance.
Thanks for inquiring about my back. No it is not better. The second go-around with prednisone did not have the results the doctor wanted. I see him again the middle of July.
A very happy fourth to you as well.