Friday, August 21, 2009

at long last - the moment you all have been waiting for

not bad for a first time shooter
that bulls eye shot was the first one with the 270 sniper rifle. that is one sweet gun.


JeffS said...

Indeed, that is excellent shooting for a newbie! Head shots, one and all.

But, if I may offer some advice, you need tighter shot groups. That'll come with practice. You certainly have the basics down!

missred said...

jeffs, thanks for the advice. i plan to start with a .22, take serious lessons and lots of practice.
handguns on the other hand i will pass.

RebeccaH said...

Your aim seems to drift to the right. Have you determined which is your dominant eye? (for instance, I'm right handed, but I am left-eye dominant, and for years I didn't know why I couldn't aim or throw a ball with any accuracy).

missred said...

not yet, rebecca. i am going to add my other targets - which seem to be more central. i had both eyes open while using the scope

Old Tanker said...

I'm curious, the target seems upside down, so were you high left or low right?

Also, you made it sound like you used several different guns....if that's the case I wouldn't worry about groups and I would be pleased to used different firearms and put them all on paper like that!! Well done!