Thursday, August 27, 2009

my tribute to teddy kennedy

ted kennedy was a rogue who was constantly re-elected by a constituency who remained enamoured by the false ethos of a family. in my opinion he was nothing but a blowhard who erroneously thought he was the champion of the little people. he helped promote and prolong the war in northern ireland. he fled the scene of an accident to save himself and let an innocent woman drown. he had a false belief in his "inheritance" of the jfk legacy; camelot was a term coined by jackie onassis to save her cheating husband's legacy. the only comparison to camelot is that lancelot had his way with guinevere. in such a manner the kennedys had their way with our great country.
rip, i won't miss you

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Nilk said...

You're much more polite than I am, missred. :) The first thing out of my mouth when I saw the news this morning was "good." Followed by some smart comment about cowards leaving women to die.

My housemate wasn't amused. 6.30am might have been a bit too early.

No matter, the world is less one more piece of crap.