Monday, August 17, 2009

right on target

i thoroughly enjoyed myself at the rifle range yesterday. it has been years since i have shot with a gun, and from what i recall, i was really bad then.
we started off with a .22 ruger semiautomatic, i did ok with the .22 - managed to at least hit the target and by the second round was putting most of the shots in the kill zone. it had a scope so that made it easier ;)
then moved on to the ar 16. it did not have a scope, just one of those red light thingys. i again managed to hit the target, with about half of them in the kill zone. not too bad, i thought.
and then came the piece de resistance. the remington .270 (with a scope) and a BIG kick. first shot.. bulls eye!! second and third shot were nothing to be ashamed of. i couldn't do more than three shots at a time due to the kick. i also loved the bolt loading feature.
keith said he is now officially scared of me.
i kept all my targets - but scanned in the bulls eye for your viewing pleasure. go ahead.. throw flowers

photo will have to wait until i figure out how to change it to a jpeg

UPDATE: i changed the file to a jpeg at work, but blogger says it is corrupt. oh well. help anyone?


Minicapt said...

MS Paint ...


Anonymous said...

Yes, after watching you shoot I want to have you join the Marines Special Forces.

missred said...

paint didnt work, minicapt.. oh well i tried ..

any ideas, keith?

Minicapt said...

Which program are you using to move the image from camera to computer?


Boy on a bike said...

I had one of them Ruger .22 semi-autos when growing up. Hard to believe, but those things are illegal here now.