Friday, August 14, 2009

a great lunch

i had a great lunch today. not only did i take the dc metro system for the first time (and that was an experience) i got to meet one of the most wonderful bloggers, paco. a real gentleman as well as a dapper fellow, who really does wear a fedora. the conversation was fun and we went to a great restaurant that actually served me a rare (i saw it move) hamburger.
thank you, paco,
also for your kind words

tis nice to meet those we communicate with online and hope to get to meet some others as well


Paco said...

You're very welcome, Miss Red. I had a great time.

Dminor said...

And? AND?? This all sounds far too platonic. Sorry, I'm not buying the "he was the poifect gentleman" line, missred.

missred said...

well he WAS!