Thursday, October 29, 2009

decisions, decisions, decisions

i have been working with an outsource agency, and had an interview with a job agency today. and i discovered alot about me.. one of which, i am not afraid to make a decision
evidently in this business climate it seems to extraordinary for individuals in power to make decisions. i have seen this in my former employer many times. no one wants to take responsibility for making a decision.
how absurd.
when did we lose our sense of competence. or our sense of what we believe in. or whatever else it is that prevents one from making a decision.
personally, i have no problem with making decisions. i had to make a lot as a single mum of a deaf child. yes, i probably made the wrong decision at times, but i don't regret them. i had to make those decisions based on the best of my knowledge at the time. as anyone who has to make decisions. i stand by them and gained respect from the school and my friends.
and i continued to make such decisions in my professional life. if i had not transferred divisions to work with one of the best vice presidents in the company, i probably would still have my job. he had to make a decision and unfortumately it cost me my job. he explained his decision and i respect him for it.. and understand.
because of a decision, i now have to move on to a new job. a new chapter in my life.
and i embrace it.
and i hope my next boss will be able to make decisions.
enough of fiddle faddle.

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