Thursday, October 1, 2009

my job has been made redundant

once i get over the initial shock (they called me an hour ago so i wouldnt have to make the commute into work - how kind) i will post my thoughts

the upside of not having a job

i have time to paint my kitchen
i dont have to set the alarm to wake up before dawn
i dont have to make the 100 mile round trip commute
i can play on the computer all day
i dont have to learn how to use the new copiers
i can watch ballykissangel every day
i can look for creative ways of not spending money
no wear and tear on my car
my work clothes will last longer
i will have time for my new hobby - rifle shooting
i am no longer trapped by the golden handcuffs - my job benefits
i am free for all happy hours
i can work/ sit in the garden


Larry Sheldon said...

Sorry to hear that.

kae said...

Sh1t, that sux.

At least I'm not out of a job, they have to redeploy me or give me a package if I don't find a job before I'm due back to the job which won't be there when I finish my secondment.

Looking on the bright side for me, I needed a shove out the door. The place sux. New regime and all.

Good luck!

missred said...

i will be fine.. i know with my talents and experience i will find a new job... a better good time.
thank you for your comments

Paco said...

Miss R.: If I can do anything to help out, let me know.

BTW, I've been on vacation for the last week and a half and just got back to the office today. I got your post-card! It's beautiful. Many thanks.

NashvilleBeat said...

I just returned from Colorado to read the distressing news. I will echo Paco's offer to be of any assistance I can.

missred said...

paco, it was a beautiful place. and thank you for any assistance in job hunting.

nashville, thank you as well.

i will no doubt be calling on you! ;)