Thursday, October 29, 2009

siding with the taliban, hatemongering and all that

i received this email and thought i would share it
"Something has happened here that we all agree with the Taliban and Iran about, and that is: he doesn't deserve the award...we all are on the same side as the Taliban."
-Rush Limbaugh

Dear (missred)

As destructive as the Republicans have been to this nation over the past eight years, they're finding new ways to drag America back into the grips of the failed Bush-Cheney-Rove policies.
They've proven they'll stop at nothing in their blind quest to destroy President Obama and regain national power--even if it means siding with the Taliban in criticizing our Commander-in-Chief.
When President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, it sent a powerful message to the world: America is returning to her rightful role as a symbol of hope, justice, and promise on the international stage.
That should have been a proud moment for all of us. But the Republicans have yet again taken something great and used it for callous political maneuvers. And it's not just their right-wing, Limbaugh-loving fringe...the chairman of the national Republican party, Michael Steele, even issued an attack on the President within hours of the Nobel prize announcement.
It's time to tell the Party of No that their anti-American political posturing must end. Click here to voice your outrage at the GOP and support President Obama by signing the Democratic Governors Association's petition.
Remember, this isn't the first time Republicans have shown their true colors, not by a long shot. Republicans didn't waste a minute cheering for America's failure at the Olympics...just because President Obama was working for our success.
Then think about healthcare reform. To finally be working toward a solution to this national crisis should be the dream of every legislator -- but not for Republicans. They see it purely as Obama's "Waterloo."
Let's not forget President Obama's speech to kids about staying in school and working hard to accomplish their dreams. Only the most vicious partisans could find something wrong in that message -- but that was all we heard from the GOP for days.
And before that, when the President launched the stimulus package that ended our freefall into a second Great Depression and stabilized the country -- Republicans tried to smother it before it got off the ground.
In every case, what started as an unprecedented opportunity to unite as Americans was turned into negative, anti-American posturing and obstructionism by the GOP...all because they've placed their party above their country. It's shameful. But it's the Republican way.
Click here to tell the Party of No that we've had enough of their anti-American rhetoric and anti-American obstructionism. Sign the DGA's petition today and show your support for President Obama.
Every voice we add to the DGA's petition will make our message even more powerful. So please sign it now and forward it on to every friend and family member you can.
Together, our voices will rise above the din of Republican hate-mongering and show that America wants and deserves progress, not partisan political games.

Thank you for joining this critical cause.


Colleen Turrentine

Democratic Governors Association

P.S. This is your chance to tell the Republicans that their anti-American cheerleading is a disgrace to themselves and our country. Click here to sign the DGA's petition and stand with President Obama now, then keep building the power of this message by inviting your friends and family to add their names as well.

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