Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i have been thinking again

where does the US get its oil
look at all that "aid" we are giving to well over 100 countries because we buy their oil. especially Canada. i would advocate invading Canada but their culture is too close to ours, so there wouldn't be that all important diversity each nation should look for when creating imperialistic empires. albeit they do have all that frozen tundra where we could relocate those cowards in gitmo. i am sure sheriff joe could use the extra space for his "house guests" as well. they all have it too damn easy lolligagging in tropical climes better suited for law abiding peace loving paying tourists.
it does concern me that if we start drilling our own oil, the other 100+ nations that depend on our dollars might start asking us for money without giving anything in exchange. Thus we would be creating welfare states, and i think we have too much welfare in the world already. look what it has done to the tiny island of (Great) Britain. sheesh, multiply that times the world? boggles the brain.

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Minicapt said...

Just in case:
1. William- Captain, Irish Guards.
2. Harry- Captain & ADC, Blues and Royals
3. Phillip- Colonel-in-Chief, Grenadier Guards
4. Charles- Admiral, Royal Navy.
5. Andrew- Commodore, Royal Navy
6. Edward- DnF