Thursday, April 7, 2011

oh good grief

now i have a list of chemicals i have to avoid - which are found in most personal & household products, most of which are in such tiny print i now carry a magnifying glass with me in order to read them - my excema is waning. good news
but then i go and trip over my own feet and now i have a separated ac joint and of course it was the right shoulder. i was on pain meds for four days and for the last three have suffered through trying to type at work. another reason i have not been online. i cannot take anti imflammatories for i am allergic to aspirin. i think with gentle care i will get through this.
damn it's hell getting old but at least i am not spilling castup


El Cid said...

OOO, those ache like hell, especially if one doesn't follow suggested advice, from an Ortho. Age does play some part, but ache is ache.

As I did, when busting my left shoulder/upper arm area, including ripping the rotator cuff.

The suggestion was surgery. NAHHH!

Hope yours does much better, seems as though you follow, Dr's instructions.

Umm, are you allergic to say, tequlia? ;)

El Cid said...