Sunday, April 17, 2011

what was will never be again

my daughter and i are on a quest
a black and white stripe fabric for her window and closet. one would think it would be easy - black and white stripe
our quest took us to one of my favourite fabric stores, where one could find everything and anything. G street fabrics
on rockville pike in the same location for eons. i always could count on them for anything beyond my imagination. i always could count on getting lost with their beautiful fabrics.
not there
not a good sign
we found them not too far away and they had a great sign advertising their new location. i was hopeful.
not good
the once wonderful fabric store with the most incredible, imaginative, and unusual was gone. it was a warehouse with nothing but the end of bolts. a store where i could get lost in imagination for my own clothes was nothing. a store that once had two floors of fabrics was reduced to less than one third the space.
i cannot help but reflect that this is the way of most of the quality stores - they are disappearing. all of the fabric stores i have been to in the last few weeks no longer have the range or quality. †here was a time when i made my own clothes, the fabrics were excellent and different. i could be assured that that what i made for myself would last forever.
oh well


kae said...

I think it's the same everywhere.

We used to have two remnant shops in a suburb of Sydney called Silverwater where Mum used to buy a lot of her material, they sold most things, but weren't a very large shop... but a lot was packed in there. There was every kind of fabric, bolts of it. It was like a warehouse, with a tiny sales area. I don't know if they're there any more, and I can't remember the name of the place.
Then there was Marrs fabrics, a retail outlet. Sold everything. Cheap. Then along came spotlight, they put Marrs out of business, and they're still around, but not as cheap as they used to be. We still have Lincraft and one other around, but Spotlight is the cheapest for most things, fabric, craft and wool.

It's sad. I also think that these days the talent of sewing and knitting are being lost. Mum used to make all my brothers and my clothes when we were younger, and this saved her money. These days it's cheaper to buy as mostly you couldn't buy the fabric for the finished price of the garment!

Minicapt said...

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