Wednesday, January 4, 2012

absurd news of the day!

launched an investigation?
An investigation has been launched after a plane was hit by a bus shelter which was blown over a fence at Edinburgh Airport, it was reported.
The parked Jet2 737 was said to have been damaged in the incident, during the gale force winds which battered the Capital yesterday.
The Met Office recorded a wind speed of 102mph in Edinburgh during the storm.
Edinburgh Airport said it was now working with Jet2 to avoid a repeat of the incident.
A spokesman for the airport said the bus shelter had been sheered in half before it was blown towards the plane, adding: “We have now launched an investigation.”

i am still laughing at this. spending the money to investigate why 102 mph winds blew a bus shelter into a plane? or any object? and after the investigation - what then? prohibit winds in scotland?
ok i will stop laughing now

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Mr. Bingley said...

To control this menace I suggest they immediately build several very expensive wind turbines at the airport.

The winds will nae blae blae again!