Tuesday, January 31, 2012

shoulder update

The doc says full speed ahead, the therapist has given me a whole new set of exercises to do. Prognosis: in 4 weeks I should be able to stop the twice weekly visits! I can now drive with two hands on the wheel - at 9 and 3. Still cannot do housework - damn shame that.


MSgt B said...

Heh - damn shame...

David Duff said...

I didn't know you were suffering with shoulder problems. Me, too! How can shoulders be that bloody complicated? It was last September when I confirmed Newton's law of gravity and my shoulders are still 'twanging and twinging'. Still, mustn't cry or Mummy won't give me a sweetie!

Good luck!

Larry Sheldon said...

Uninvited advice:

Do all the PT exercises as if you what to be pain and restriction free pretty soon.

You will be glad you did.

Pretty soon.

kae said...

My shoulders empathise with yours!

(no surgery for me, though)

missred said...

Yes, Sir Duff, I had a torn rotator cuff repaired in my right shoulder. I had to convince my doctor there was something seriously wrong so it took 11 months from the accident to the surgery.
Larry, I am religiously doing all the PT given. The exercises actually feel good.
I am at the stage where the scar tissue wants to freeze so this is the crucial period of time.
Kae, I had no choice. If I had not opted for surgery I would never be able to raise my arm over my head again. That is not an option for me, I am too short!
Thank you all for your comments.

David Duff said...

Just a quick note, I found swimming very useful - although obviously I am not sure if it is suitable for your particular needs. I developed a whole new Olympic sport called 'One-armed Breaststroke' in which the object of the exercise is not to go faster but merely to go in a straight line!

missred said...

larry, i will find out soon enough when i can go swimming again. shoulder movement is still limited. i am looking forward to getting in the pool again