Wednesday, January 18, 2012

By Those Who Know Better

Still, that won’t stop people being harangued anyway. A particularly unsavoury example of this appeared in Sunday’s Observer. Illiberal Liberal of the Week contender, columnist Barbara Ellen, declared that the bovine attitude of recent governments towards smokers and drinkers should apply to meat-eaters, too. Now that a precedent has been set - that people should be harangued for doing things that are legal but disapproved of by Those Who Know Better - Ellen is simply following through this logic by attacking those who like sausages, bacon and pies.
Here’s the argument:
people (like smokers and drinkers) who deliberately do things that are bad for them, despite being told time and again that they should not, are now lectured, restricted and even have their basic rights taken away;
eating meat - and particularly ‘processed’ meat - increases your risk of getting cancer and is bad for you;
therefore, people who eat meat should now be lectured, restricted and even have their basic rights taken away.

first they came for the smokers
i predicted when smoking was banned, drinking would be next, and then simply a downfall from there. "our betters" don't seem to realize that many who die of lung cancer never smoked, drunks have an amazing ability to survive themselves (go to any AA meeting and listen to the stories), and sometimes people just die. That is the way we were created. But then they don't believe in a supreme creator, so they wouldn't understand the simple workings of our world.


MSgt B said...

I'm so screwed.

I smoke like a chimney
I drink like a fish
and, if my wife didn't keep making me take it down, I'd have a SHRINE to bacon in my living room.

Srsly, no shit. Candles and everything.

missred said...

Oh yes, bacon is great. However my favourites are salami and sausages!