Sunday, January 8, 2012

take care, gavin

the shadowlands
gavin is saying goodbye and i hope it is not permanent. half a world away he encouraged me when i started this little project. more importantly he always gave a good read, whether it provoked thought or laughter.


David Duff said...

Dear Missred,
I am returning your very welcome visit to 'my place' and I am wondering if there is anything that will induce you to use capital letters where appropriate. Only, your lower-case writing keeps reminding me of that tedious poet fellow, e e cummings; either him, or, the equally irritating Cormac McCarthy who nearly ruins his superb books by refusing to use inverted commas for dialogue.

I beg you, Missred, these literary affectations are alright in 14-year old texters but we adults must not give in!

Please? Pretty please?

missred said...

David, thank you for your comment. It is pure laziness that keeps me from using capitals where appropriate. I did capitalize Cruise, if I recall correctly.
However if you insist I grow up, I will certainly make an effort.
(How was this effort?)

David Duff said...

Nothing less than heroic - well done!