Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is It Powerful Or Evil?

From the Paris runways
Laura Wood, from the Thinking Housewife, has posted this bit about a fashion designer's 2014 preview.  Now we can all agree that the fashion design houses around the world usually have, for the most part, strange  and unwearable designs on the fashion show runways.   Ok, some of my male readers may not be bothered and, truth be told, I cannot be either.  I wear what I like and if I cannot find it ready made, I can make it myself.
The ugliness in the attitude of the models is indicative of our society, the review of the show by Robin Givhan is insulting in that she calls it "a powerful rejection of conventional beauty."  While the use of non "conventional" models and tribal warlike choreography is perhaps edgy, do we not have enough violence in this world without celebrating it to sell unimaginative apparel?
I hold a traditional view when it comes to art - that it should celebrate the beauty of God's creations and the imaginative mind He has given the human race.  When we succumb to the mean, violent and ugly, we succumb to Evil.
This is real beauty and creative fashion

  and they are smiling

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