Sunday, October 27, 2013

wrong wrong wrong

At the very least provide your guests with towels before they ruin their clothes sitting on the furniture YOU invited your guests to sit upon.
I love dogs, cats, pets, etc.  I don't want my clothes ruined because you are too lazy to discipline.  I grew up with pets - they never sat on the furniture.  I  had my own pets as an adult - they never sat on the furniture.


David Duff said...

I can't help feeling, Miss Red, that there is what the media people call a 'back story' to this post of yours. But at least, or so I sincerely hope, you didn't tread in anything untoward!

missred said...

No back story really, and nothing tread. Just a pet peeve that came up in conversation. And I decided to share ;)

Steve at the Pub said...

Thank god there's at least one other sane person on this planet!

That photo/theme has been getting on my goat for years.

My grandmother would require smelling salts at the mere suggestion that guests in one's home would have animal hair rubbed on their clothes.

Rover was always tied up, or locked out of the way when company was expected, and if he'd shoved his nose into anybody's crotch, he'd have been banished to the garden shed for the duration.