Friday, October 25, 2013

Today in History

The Battle of Agincourt
painting by Donato Giancola

Shakespeare's Henry V as directed by Kenneth Branaugh is one of my favourite films.
non nobis
It gave, to me, the most  romantic scene ever written.
Henry & Catherine pt 1
Henry & Catherine pt 2


David Duff said...

The links wouldn't open 'over here' - probably my fault, it usually is!

But you're right, it is an excellent film. I saw him play it live at Stratford years ago and actually at the time I didn't think he quite pulled it off.

Also, I think that Henry IV, parts I & II plus Henry V need to be taken together. It shows, I think, Shakespeare's ideas on what a proper 'Prince' should be like - ruthless, Machiavellian, but respecting the laws of the land. His 'apprenticeship' under Falstaff was essential in his 'training' because it gave him a view of the semi-hidden underbelly of his society. His decision to banish Falstaff was crucial.

I once saw all three plays in one day at the National Theatre - what a day!

missred said...

I agree, Dear Duffers. All three belong together. How thrilling to see all three in one day!
The links are the "proposal" scene to Katherine. I am sure you can find it on youtube if you wish