Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Musings on the Ridiculous

There is a new war on Coke.  Oh for pete's sake (and who was Pete, by the way), there are plenty "healthy" alternatives to Coke.  Let them make what they want.
the burp commercial

Now this is a new one, at least to me
Racist Halloween costumes
So now only cartoon characters are allowed on Halloween.  I can remember waiting breathlessly for years to be old enough to wear the Japanese kimono - complete with the hair sticks - that my mother bought for us when she lived in Japan.  I also wore the German dirndl.  Hell, my school uniform in
Scotland was a Kilt.  Ok, that was different.  My cousin had a kimono made for me a few years ago.  Am I not allowed to wear it ever because I am not Japanese?  Personally I never wanted to be a "demon" or any other ugly creature on Halloween.  From my own understanding, costumes are simply to disguise who one really is.

There may be more ridiculous musings but this will do for now.

Maybe I will be a brunette for Halloween.  (Ha!)

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