Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beard Musings

Beards/facial hair.  Love or leave it.
I came across this  article in the express so I decided to see if there were other articles (strictly limiting to 2014 articles) on the subject.
time to reach for the razor?
NYT says uncool?
UPDATE: Even Smithsonian Magazine
My nephews have beards.  One is short, the other longer.  My brother in law has had a beard since he retired.  My father and one brother have always gone without, my other brother has dithered over the years.
Me? I prefer a clean shaven face.  I realise it is a personal preference and have never bothered.  Except once - when we started dating he was clean shaven.  He later grew a moustache (at the bequest of another woman, but that is another story) and I did not like it.  So he shaved.  "She" insisted he grow it back and he did.  I never said a word, but that pretty much told me the position I had in his life.
So here I state my case:

Ewan McGregor

Sean Connery


Every one looks better in a kilt!


John The River said...

As soon as I got to college I grew a beard (as my sister commented, "grew-some". She thought that was funny) and have had one ever since.
But the shape changed from time to time, in my twenties and thirties I had a fringe around the jaw that met up with the sideburns but no mustache. I did a lot of snorkeling and scuba and I imagined that the mask fit better. Later I added a mustache, and took it off, grew it again and took it off. Today I have the mustache, but shave the chin area under the mouth clean (it got itchy). Hookey smokes! I just realized I look like Pres. Chester Aurthur.

Next Halloweens costume suggests itself.

David Duff said...

Whatever else, you do, dear Miss Red, please do not grow a beard! Our affair has barely begun and it would bring it to a premature end should you do so.

I once grew a beard motivated by a feeling which has had an enormous effect on many facets of my life - laziness! I just became fed up with shaving every morning. Alas, I soon discovered that it was more damn trouble keeping the wretched thing tidy and presentable than shaving, so off it went into the dustbin of history!

John, your splendid growth is known 'over here' as a set of mutton chops!

Minicapt said...

Burnsides, originally:

... note the power hair ...