Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to Woo

As Duff and Nonsense  plots his funeral, no doubt he will include his favourite Shakespeare speeches.  My favourite was delivered by Kenneth Branagh in 1989.  I however, am a bit of a romantic (ok ok, I exaggerate, I really do wear my heart on my sleeve) so there are no battlefield ramblings in my playlist.


David Duff said...

Oh, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Thank you, dear Miss Red, I may put off my funeral just to enjoy more moments like that.

John the River said...

"My English Weekend"; Henry V (Branagh version, The Lion in Winter ("Lets live forever...Do you think its likely?"), Elizabeth and Essex, Battle of Britain ("if I'm wrong the Germans will be in Whitehall..", and when my wife was alive, Bridget Jones Diary.

missred said...

Glad I could make you happy, Dear Duffers!
JtR, all excellent choices. I would add any one from the Kitchen Sink genre.