Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Prayers Are Needed

My dear friends, I don't normally ask for favours but I know a good young man who could use prayers. Adam is Hayley's boyfriend and is in the hospital with cellulitis. While they finally have him on pain meds that work, he really isn't improving as far as the infection is concerned. So prayers for healing would be greatly appreciated. He also needs prayer for he is frightened he will lose his leg.  And as you can see, he needs to keep dancing with my daughter! 
Thank you
UPDATE:  Adam is home now, and his leg, while still swollen, looks much better.  Antibiotics will continue, but he is off the pain meds.  Needless to say, he is still rather weak. 


John The River said...

Yes, of course. My prayers for his recovery.

I know that there is nothing worse than the pain of having someone you love sick and hospitalized. You'd rather it was you instead.

Paco said...

Delighted to hear that he's doing better.

Nashville Beat said...

Just being home will do wonders for his morale. I am very happy to hear about his progress.

A little sidenote: I learned about Adam's illness from Tim Blair's blog. What a small word we live in when we can learn about a neighbor's problems from a bloke across the globe in Australia!

missred said...

Thank you, gentlemen, for your prayers and words of encouragement. It has been a tough week and not over yet!